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Home Choice

It’s important that you have a say in where you live. With RHP’s Home Choice you can express an interest in another RHP home that better meets your needs.


Home Choice makes the transfer process easy by publishing a list of homes available for you to choose from. Click here to view current adverts.

We want to help you move to the home you want and we will do our best to help make this happen. We need to let you know that there a large number of customers wanting to transfer and only 25% of our empty homes are available under Home Choice. This may mean that you will need to bid on a number of different properties when they become available.

To express an interest in a RHP home you will need to have an online RHP account. To register for an online RHP account click here. If you have an existing Home Choice (transfer) application, we will already have your details and you can view your banding by clicking on 'my homechoice'. If you are making a new application, click on 'my homechoice', and complete the Home Choice application form.

Once you have completed the Home Choice application, you will automatically be assessed with the lowest priority (Band D) until we verify the information you have provided. Home Choice allows you to bid on homes even If we need to ask you for more supporting information to complete your application.

There are usually more applicants than homes available and an assessment of the greatest housing need is made. Customers are assessed on their level of housing need and given a priority rating between A and D. Within each band, priority is then given to the longest waiting applicant based on the application date. If a customer’s circumstances change resulting in a move to a higher band, the date they move to the higher band is used as their new application date.

For an explanation of the criteria for each band please visit how banding works 

How do I do it? 

As homes become available we will list them here with a photo and full description. We will also email you as they become available.

How do I choose?

You may not be eligible for all the homes on our website. For example, if you have been assessed as needing two bedrooms you will not be eligible for a three bedroom house.

Who can bid and express an interest?

You must be an RHP customer and have completed the Home Choice application form.

Who will be successful with their bid?

Everyone who registers an interest in a property will be considered. If more than one person applies, which is very likely, your bid will be prioritised by the banding of your application and by the date your application was banded (see Home Choice information sheet).

My bid was successful - what next?

You will be contacted if you are successful, so you need to make sure that your phone number and email address are up-to-date on your application.

You will be able to view the home and have a chance to ask any questions. If you like the home and there are no problems with your application you can sign your new tenancy! You will need to pay any rent you owe RHP before signing.

Not Successful?

Those in a higher band ‘priority’ will have a greater chance of being successful than those in bands C and D. As so few homes become available each year, if you’re in a lower priority band it may take years, or you may never be successful. Other options are available like mutual exchanges and Sponsored Moves. For more details on your options, please see the moving home section of our website.

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