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My community

We work alongside people of all ages in the community and support and encourage involvement in a range of exciting projects and local decision making.


Click on your local area from the list above to find out what's going on in your community.

What we do

Capacity building to establish and/or increase the capacity of existing community groups or organisations

Multi-agency partnerships (Working Together Groups) formed in each of the areas with representation from local community groups as well as local agencies

Consultation; A series of focus groups and community planning days

Developing action plans for each area which have been based around community need

Creating safe communities; tackling crime and ASB through creative methods, inspiring pride in the environment through creative methods (mosaic, gardening projects, community arts projects, theatre projects); building social capital and social inclusion sports projects

Affordable activity; We provide budgeting skills and provide affordable activities

Reducing health inequality; creating a range of health activities or projects, ensuring that local resources are accessible to all

Mentoring and supporting people in the community who are going into work or education and young people who are at risk of offending

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