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Leaving RHP

We're sorry to see you go. We understand that moving home can be a stressful and complicated process. This page explains everything you need to know about ending your tenancy with RHP. Following these simple guidelines will help make moving home as straight forward as possible.


Ending your tenancy

Notifying us:

You are required to give us four weeks’ notice if you wish to end your tenancy. The notice should be given in writing, dated, signed, and include details of your new address or a contact address.

When we receive your notice to end your tenancy, we will confirm in writing your tenancy end date and when you should hand your keys in. You will then be required to make an appointment with a member of staff who will carry out a pre-void inspection of your property. You will also need to make arrangements to clear any rent due up to the date that the tenancy ends.

If you are moving to another RHP property through Home Choice or Management Transfer you will be unable to give us four weeks’ notice, however we ask that you still follow the rest of the guidance provided.

Please contact your Customer Advisor (CA) if you need any advice about moving.

Before moving please ensure that:

  • The property is clear of all furniture, rubbish, carpets etc.
  • The garden, yards, sheds etc. are left in a clean and tidy condition and cleared of all unwanted items and rubbish
  • All rooms, under-stair areas, cupboards and lofts are cleared and left in good decorative order
  • All doors, frames, fixtures and fittings are left in good order and any damage made good
  • Gas fires, cookers, fridges, washing machines etc. are removed, the supply made safe and any resultant damage repaired and decorated

Checking the property:


Before you leave your home, one of our staff will ask to inspect if any work is needed to correct wilful damage or neglect, the cost of this repair will be re-charged to you, or you will be asked to carry out the work yourself to an agreed standard.

Leaving your home:


You are responsible for removing all items of furniture and belongings. If you leave any items for us to remove you will be charged for the costs.

Housing Benefit:


If you are currently entitled to Housing Benefit and will continue to be entitled to it  when you move, you may be able to get extra help if you have to pay rent on two properties at any one time.

If you move to your new home before your notice to RHP runs out, you may be able to claim benefit on the new tenancy and ask Housing Benefit to carry on paying us until the end of the notice period.

You will need to contact Housing Benefit to ask them to consider these options - they will need the date that you moved, a copy of your RHP Tenancy Agreement that shows how much notice you have to give, and confirmation from us that you have given the correct notice.

Please ask your CA or a member of the Rent Income and Arrears Team if you need any help with this, or if there is a problem with their decision. Remember that rent payments, whether covered by Housing Benefit or not, are your responsibility until your tenancy ends.

Ending the Tenancy on the death of the tenant:


If the tenancy is coming to an end due to the death of the tenant, the next of kin will need to give notice to RHP. Housing Benefit will cease from the date of death but we can sometimes assist with the rent during the notice period, provided that the next of kin contacts us as soon as possible after the death of the tenant.

Apart from the Housing Benefit the same conditions as above will apply and the CA will be happy to advise and assist with ending the tenancy.

Remember to:

  • Take a note of gas, electricity and water meter readings where appropriate and contact your suppliers to inform them of your leaving date/new address
  • Inform your bank, building society, telephone company and all other services you deal with of your move
  • Re-arrange your TV licence
  • Give RHP your forwarding address
  • Inform the Council Tax / Housing Benefit Department at your local Council that you have moved
  • Inform your GP, hospital, schools etc.
  • Cancel your newspapers, milk etc.
  • Please leave your home as you would expect to find it

Once you have completed all of the above please return your keys to RHP before 12 noon on the last Monday of your tenancy. If the keys are received after this you will be charged a further week’s rent.