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Adapting my home

We want all our customers to enjoy living safely and comfortably in their home. Sometimes this will mean making some changes to suit your particular needs.


Who might need changes to their home?

Adaptations can be important to any customer who has a disability or becomes less physically able, such as older people who find it difficult to bathe, bend or use stairs within their home. Please tell us if you feel you need support so we can help you to get the assistance that you need.

What types of work can be done?

Aids and adaptations can include grab rails, hand rails, lever taps, easier-to-use door handles, locks or light fittings. More extensive works such as stair-lifts or adapted bathrooms and kitchens are usually done by the Council but RHP needs to give permission.

We always support you as much as we can. However, if the work you have requested will damage the building or make it less suitable for others we will not grant permission for works to be carried out.

Sometimes we will not be able to allow changes to your home which would make it less suitable for future customers. For example, we might not approve the installation of a walk-in shower room for a single person in a family home. Instead, we will work with you to find a home that better meets your needs.

Who makes the decision?

RHP makes decisions about small adaptations and we provide funding from our own resources. For larger adaptations, Richmond Council and Hounslow Council both offer Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) on the basis of need and they will decide whether you are eligible.

How do I get something changed or installed?

If the work you need is small, we will arrange the work through our own maintenance team. If you receive permission for more extensive or complex work, this will require:

· An assessment by an occupational therapist
· An application for a Disabled Facilities Grant to the local authority

To find out the best route of support please speak to your Customer Advisor (CA) by calling 0800 0322 433 or emailing customer.services@rhp.org.uk

Who looks after the adaptation once it has been done?

RHP will normally maintain any adaptations. For example, if we have installed lever taps we would repair and renew them in the normal way.
In a small number of cases (e.g. the maintenance of a stair-lift), you may need to contribute to the cost through a service charge. Your CA will let you know if this is the case.


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