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Help to find cheaper energy

My Home Energy Switch is a service from the National Housing Federation (NHF), designed to help you find and switch to a cheaper energy supplier.


If you would like to find out more about My Home Energy Swith please visit http://nhf.billscutter.com/

Why switch?

If you have never previously switched your gas or electricity supplier you will almost certainly save money by switching - in some cases more than £200 per year. Even if you have switched before, energy prices and tariffs change frequently.

What information do I need to switch energy suppliers?

You will need the following details to switch your supplier online.

  • Postcode, as energy prices vary between regions
  • Current energy supplier
  • Name of your current energy tariff
  • Copy of your latest bill
  • How much gas and electricity you use or how much you spend
  • Bank or credit card details if you decide to switch

Can everyone switch?

There are some circumstances in which people may not be able to benefit from online switching.

  • Those with exit penalities in their energy contracts will need to talk to their current supplier first
  • Properties which have multiple metres registered to one address
  • Those who pay their landlord direct for their energy
  • Leases that specify you cannot change gas and electricity supplier
  • Outstanding gas or electricity bills could delay the process
  • Those with a prepayment meter can only switch to another prepayment energy tariff
  • Some energy meters such as those that work by 'dynamic teleswitching' may not be suitable for online switching

When is the best time to switch?

Unfortunately it isn't possible to estimate when energy price changes will take place. The price you pay for energy will be protected from price increases if you choose a capped or fixed rate energy tariff, but you will not benefit from energy price decreases. You also need to take any exit fees that apply into consideration.

What is the most accurate way to enter my current consumption?

The uSwitch calculator allows you the option to enter your energy spend by month, quarter or annually as well as annual kWh, but it is recommended you use the annual spend or kWh where possible. Annual figures provide a much more accurate prediction of any potential savings as it avoids seasonal fluctuations.

How does the switching process work?

It takes approximately five minutes to compare energy suppliers and tariffs and switch using My Home Energy Switch although the whole process can take between 5-8 weeks to complete.

  • Information – Postcode, current supplier, usage information, latest bills and your payment information will be required to complete a switch.
  • Choose – After entering the required information you'll see a list of the suppliers and tariffs available in your area along with different payment methods. These results will be ordered from cheapest to most expensive. Simply select the deal you want.
  • Switch – Once you have selected you will either be shown a telephone number to call to complete the transaction or be given the option of entering your payment details for an immediate switch. You will receive confirmation of the transaction along with notification of a cooling off period.
  • Completion – Your new energy supplier will make all the arrangements you do not need to do anything further. It can take up to eight weeks to switch energy supplier, you will be kept informed about progress by your new supplier. At your end you should settle any outstanding energy bills, cancel direct debits and take a final meter reading on switch over day.

What is a fixed energy tariff?

A fixed energy tariff guarantees a particular gas or electricity unit price for a set period of time. These fixed deals sometimes include a set price for your standing rate so it is worth checking this before you decide. Choosing a fixed rate tariff can give you peace of mind that you won't be hit by price rises but it does mean that you won't benefit from any price cuts your supplier makes. Some fixed tariffs also include an early exit penalty.

Could I lose my supply during switching?

There will be no interruption to your energy service while you switch to your new energy supplier, you will continue to receive your gas and electricity as normal throughout the process.

Why use My Home Energy Switch rather than switch directly?

My Home Energy Swith provides a free to use independent service that can show you all tariffs from all the suppliers available in your area using a fully accredited and accurate calculator. If you speak directly to a supplier they will only give you information about their tariffs. 

Could prices change after I switch?

As the switching process can take 5-8 weeks to complete it is possible that your new supplier may make a change to its prices before you are fully switched. Suppliers will have to give you at least four weeks notice of any price rises. Those new prices will apply to your energy tariff unless you have chosen a fixed product.