Complaints review

At RHP, we have a dedicated Complaints Team in place to help customers when something hasn’t gone quite right.

The headlines

  • Total official stage 1 complaints logged continue to perform well against the previous years.
  • Response times to stage 1 complaints are still a little outside of target, running at 2.7 days against a target of 2 working days.
  • We had an appeal complaint case investigation in Q2. This brings the total of appeal cases being investigated this year to two. Both cases are referenced on the ‘Ones to Watch’ slide.
  • Our repairs partner Mears have confirmed that new national level changes to complaint management from their end will be coming into force shortly. Complaint contact they receive will go to central hub, and from this a regional care team will coordinate. A named individual will be appointed by Mears, who will work closely with our Complaints Team to ensure that complaints are aligned to our process, and nothing is missed.
  • Focus for Q3 are the changes that were launched by the Housing Ombudsman (HOS) at the tail-end of Q2 who have introduced a new complaint handling code, with a requirement for all members to complete a self-assessment by the end of December 2020.

Tenants’ Champion

Our work continues to build on our strong working relationship with the Tenants’ Champion, Cllr Millard. We have held a number of digital ‘round tables’ throughout Q2 to discuss individual case related matters, to more targeted, trend-led conversations. The Complaints Team have been supported with this by relevant business owners to ensure that Cllr Millard hears first-hand from the areas of the business that is driving contact to his office. RHP met with Cllr Millard in November for our formal six month review of all Tenants’ Champion cases.

Current top reasons for contact:

  • Low-level nuisance and ASB
  • Requests to move
  • Hoarding
  • Unresolved leaks and repairs
  • Mould/Damp and condensation
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