Our repairs service

Reintroduction of our full repairs service

We're continuing to follow the latest government guidelines on coronavirus, putting yours and our employees’ safety first. We’re pleased to announce we have now resumed our full essential and emergency repairs service.

You can book routine repairs through your online account, by calling 0800 032 2433 or chatting to us in real-time on webchat. As always, if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus or you’re self-isolating or shielding, please let us know.

To keep you and your home safe, sound and secure we offer an essential and emergency repairs service. Here are some more details about them, how to book a repair with us and our ‘how-to’ videos that’ll support you to fix some of the repairs that are your responsibility.

  • Essential repairs

    Our essential repairs service includes:

    • Roof repairs
    • Damaged gutter or rainwater pipes
    • Blocked or leaking communal drains
    • Damaged windows or external doors caused by burglary or forced entry
    • Electrical repairs
    • Gas repairs
    • Leaks to toilet waste pipes
    • Repairs to kitchen units because of fire or flood damage.

    For a full list check out this leaflet.

  • Emergency repairs

    An emergency repair is a repair to make a situation safe where there is imminent threat to life, danger of serious injury or major damage to the property.

    Our emergency repairs service covers:

    • Total loss of power
    • No hot water (during winter months only)
    • Hot water is coming out of my cold water taps
    • Major leaks from pipes or roof
    • Total loss of heating between September to April (if the temperature is below 10 degrees celcius)
    • Blocked external drains
    • Dangerous electrical fittings or installation
    • Major structural damage
      Broken toilet if no other working toilet.

    If you have an emergency repair then please call us on 0800 0322 433. We have an out of hours emergency team who'll always be there to help.

  • How do I book a repair?

    Our customer advisors are always happy to help with booking a repair, although they're only able to offer you an arrival time of 8am-5pm. By booking a repair yourself online, you're able to choose a two hour time slot that's convenient for you.

    We've made it super easy to book your essential repairs online.

    Just log into your account and click on the 'book a repair' blue icon. This will take you through to a list of essential repairs to choose from.

    When you've confirmed your appointment you'll receive a text to your mobile confirming the date and time.

Our how-to videos

If you need an extra helping hand, our videos show you how to tackle some of the most common home repairs. 

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