Booking your gas safety check

Published: 25/10/2021

Keeping your home safe is a top priority for us and a legal requirement. If gas appliances aren’t serviced regularly, you could put yourself and your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or a gas explosion.

You must let us into your home to carry out your gas safety check, but we want to carry it out at a time that works for you. We’ll invite you to book an appointment two months before your gas service is due to expire so you’ll have plenty of notice.

To book or change your appointment you can call us on 0800 049 5409. You can also book your appointment through your online account. A pink banner will appear when your safety check is due. Once your appointment's been booked, the banner will show your appointment details, along with the option to reschedule. 

If anyone in your household is self-isolating or has COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know in advance.


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