Improving our existing homes

Published: 15/03/2022

We’re pleased to let customers know that some of our properties may be eligible for free energy efficiency improvement work, funded by Eon.

To identify which homes would benefit from improvements, Warmfront, an independent organisation, will carry out non-intrusive surveys from the street between 6pm and 10pm, using thermal imaging cameras to identify any missing or inadequate cavity wall insulation.  They will wear branded clothing and use their own vehicles, so you can identify them.

The surveys will start in the next couple of weeks and be completed in around six weeks.

Warmfront will then analyse the results in accordance with the British Board Agreement (BBA) and EPC, and send their proposals to RHP. If your home would benefit from improvements, we’ll let you know, providing an explanation of the proposed works, including timescales and processes. We’ll share examples of the materials that will be used and send you an energy pack with light bulbs and energy advice.

Most work will take place on the outside of buildings, including the removal of defective cavity insulation.

If you have any questions, get in touch.

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