Looking for a garage? Stuck for space?

Published: 25/04/2022

To register your interest in a garage, shed, or parking space, or find out more, email the garages team at [email protected].

Once you decide on the garage you'd like to rent, the process of renting a garage can take up to four weeks from your initial email. Email queries can take up to five working days for a response. Please bear this in mind and if you do require the immediate use of a garage, you may need to look for an alternative storage unit. 

We understand now more than ever that money can be tight, so if you do start renting a garage, shed, or parking space and come across financial difficulty throughout your rental, visit our financial support page for signposting and support.

Although we can't offer reduced garage prices, if you're looking to rent more than one garage, space or shed from us, we may be able to offer a small discount. Please email the garages team at [email protected]

Rental charges are weekly unless otherwise stated and exclude VAT.


  • Collingwood Close, Whitton, Twickenham, TW2 7AF. £23.34 
  • Godfrey Avenue, Twickenham, TW2 7PF. £23.34
  • Alexander Close, Popes Grove, Twickenham, TW2 5TB. £25.67
  • Chase Gardens, Twickenham, TW2 7PB. £32.67
  • Haggard Road, Twickenham, TW1 3AG. £23.34
  • Milton Court, Wellesley Road, Twickenham, TW2 5SB. £21.32


  • Udney Park Estate Garage, Borland Road, TW11 9HP. £30.39
  • Traherne Lodge, Walpole Road, Teddington, TW11 8PN. £29.17
  • Boucher Close, Teddington, TW11 8PR. £30.39
  • Cambridge House, Cambridge Road, Teddington, TW11 8DU. £32.55
  • Crieff Court, Wick Road, Teddington, TW11 9DS. £33.35


  • Bishops Grove, Hampton, TW12 1AJ. £24.38
  • Glenmill, Hanworth Road, Hampton, TW12 3EQ. £22.44
  • Longford River Estate Garages (on Hanworth Road, opposite Glenmill and to the side of Roy Grove) TW12 3DN. £21.01
  • Lacey Drive, Hampton, TW12 2DQ. £16.58

Barnes & Mortlake

  • Dyers Lane, Upper Richmond Road, London, SW15 6JT. £24.14 
  • Westfields Estate, Railway Side, London, SW13 0PJ. £28.74 
  • Brunel Court, Westfields Avenue, London, SW13 0BA. £33.85
  • The Willoughbys, Upper Richmond Road West, London, SW14 8DF. £23.34


  • Broome Court, Broomfield Road, Richmond, TW9 3QF. £38

Parking spaces: £7.87 a week excluding VAT

Barnes & Mortlake

  • Brookwood Avenue, Barnes, SW13 0LR
  • Rann House, Mortlake High Street, London, SW14 8HT
  • Huntingdon Court, Little Saint Leonards, London, SW14 7LR
  • Westfields Estate, Railway Side, London, SW13 OPJ
  • Avondale House, Mortlake High Street, London, SW14 8SQ


Buckingham Road, TW10 7EQ


Marsh Farm Road, TW2 6SH

Sheds: £3.51 a week excluding VAT.

  • Chertsey Court, Clifford Avenue, London, SW14 7BY
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