National Apprenticeship Week | Linann’s story

Published: 07/02/2022

Linann was an HR Apprentice here at RHP for a year and a half. She's now successfully completed her Apprenticeship and last month started a fantastic new role. Find out more about that and how she found the experience of her Apprenticeship in this Q&A she did for us just before she left especially for National Apprenticeship week. 

-Hi Linann, tell us a bit about yourself and your apprenticeship

I’m 22 years old and have been working as a HR Apprentice with RHP since September 2020. As well as working, I was studying for my Level 3 CIPD qualification with Avado, which I’ve now passed!

It was helpful for me to see real life scenarios at work of the things that were in my studies. For example, when I was doing my ‘resourcing talent’ module I was able to shadow and get involved with the recruitment process from start to finish. Similarly, when I was doing my module of ‘employee relations’ I was able to shadow exit interviews, sickness stage meetings and disciplinaries. Having this extra insight made it so much easier for me when writing my essays.

I would support the L&D team on Thursdays where I would get more insight into the training provided for our employees, supporting them with professional qualifications and how the team work with managers to help employees achieve the things on their development plan.

There was a wide range of tasks that I completed and experienced that I’ve gained through my apprenticeship, having the Fridays as dedicated study days definitely helped with the balance!

-What does a normal day look like to you in your role?

A normal day for me would be, staying on top of my emails and responding to queries that come through. Also, making necessary changes/updates for payroll. Additionally, drafting contracts, offer letters and other correspondence as well as ensuring that our new starters are set up on all our systems.

-We hear you’re moving onto a great new role. Please tell us a bit about it and how you think your apprenticeship has help secure your role.

I’ve secured a new role as a HR & Diversity Coordinator at Crystal Palace Football Club! My apprenticeship has helped me to secure my new role as a big part of it will include recruitment responsibilities such as advertising job roles, interviewing candidates, onboarding new starters and developing training programs for employees. Recruitment was a big part of my role in my apprenticeship which means a lot of the things in my new role, I’ve either done or had some exposure to. It meant that I had a lot to talk to about at the interview stage and examples which would prove that I can do the job.

-What would you say to someone who’s considering an apprenticeship, is there any advice you’d give.

I’d say to go for it. It really is an amazing opportunity to learn so much on the job and gain a qualification. During your apprenticeship, you’ll be required to submit a log of new learning which means you’ll get an exposure to a wide range of things a lot quicker than if you weren’t in the apprenticeship. Also, I think doing an apprenticeship in itself shows resilience as well as great time management and organisation skills because it’s not easy to work full time and study!

I would also say it’s important to drive your own learning to get as much from the apprenticeship as you can. For example, ask to shadow your colleagues, present ideas to your manager of things you’d like to get involved in and a big one would be, have a look at some job descriptions for the role you’re aiming for after your apprenticeship and try to gain exposure to the things that’s required.

From someone who came into HR with very little knowledge and no prior experience, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned and how many employers reached out to me when I started my job search, your apprenticeship really will put you in a great starting position in your career!

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