Our complaints process

Published: 03/01/2021

If things go wrong with our service, we’ll always do our best to respond quickly and effectively to put things right. Sometimes though, things don’t go to plan: which is when our complaints team steps in to help resolve issues.

The Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS) recently introduced a new Complaint Handling Code which sets out good practice so landlords can respond to complaints effectively and fairly. It aims to:

  • provide a universal definition of a complaint
  • give you easy access to the complaints procedure so you know how to access the
  • Housing Ombudsman Service
  • give structure to the complaints procedure, setting out clear timeframes
  • make complaint handling fair and resident-focused
  • encourage a positive complaints-handling culture through continuous learning and improvement.

Our complaints handling process holds up well against the code. Of course, there’s always room to improve even further, so we recently carried out a self-assessment to see how we’re performing and will continue to do this regularly. You can read this here.

If you have any questions about our complaints process, or would like to raise a complaint, please get in touch. More information about the Housing Ombudsman and the new Code can be found at www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk.

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