RHP & Regeneration

19th October 2017

Regeneration is the process of renewing and upgrading housing stock.
Where appropriate, plans may be developed for the demolition of housing blocks or housing estates, to replace them with better quality, more modern homes that improve the environment and quality of life for residents. This will be always done with full consultation between residents and RHP to make sure that the outcomes benefit the whole community.

Sometimes regeneration can mean much smaller scale works too, finding opportunities to improve the function of our housing, or increase the amount of housing available by using areas of existing estates and blocks more creatively.
Regeneration offers us the chance to provide the best good quality homes that we can offer our customers. We’ll look for the most eco-friendly and sustainable methods that we can achieve when going through this process.

Current projects

We currently have two regeneration projects in progress:

Fountains Close.  Construction is well on the way now at our Fountains Close site. The regeneration, which will provide 99 new homes, consists of a mixture of flats and houses for affordable rent and Shared Ownership. There will also be dramatic improvements made to the large green, improved links to the River Crane and a playground area built.

Ham Close. We’re currently proposing a regeneration of our Ham Close estate. RHP is the freeholder of the 192 flats at Ham Close and together with the Richmond Council we own much of the land in the area. The flats at Ham Close are of poor construction, with poor insulation by today’s standards. In addition, there are no lifts, leaving a number of flats inaccessible to people with disabilities. 

This proposed uplift will create good quality new homes for both existing tenants as well as providing urgently needed new homes for people within the borough.

For the latest updates check out www.hamclose.co.uk.