Learn & Grow

Learn and grow

We take our employees’ development seriously: it helps us achieve our vision of being an excellent employer and providing excellent customer service.

Investing in learning

We put a lot of money towards professional development. In 2017-18, we spent £170,000 on training activities to develop our people. We want to help them be the best they can be by providing fun, targeted training opportunities throughout the year.

The RHP Climbing Frame

The RHP Climbing Frame is our career development programme and is all about offering opportunities for our people. They could involve a permanent change of job, a temporary move to try something different or a meatier project. We help them move up, across or even diagonally to achieve their future career aspirations.

Fees to professional bodies & professional qualifications

Once employees passed their trial period, they can claim a year’s subscription to a professional body that relates to their job role.