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3rd June 2016

In April 2016 RHP launched a brand-new service offer for new customers, called RHPi. Each week RHP’s Chief Executive David will be filling us in on all the latest news and developments from the UK’s first digital only housing service.

At RHP we want to lead the way in providing innovative solutions that enable us to deliver a great customer experience which is better, faster and lower cost.

We know people are more innovative and creative when their workspaces inspire them to be at their best and that’s why this week we unveiled a new touchdown centre in the heart of our office to enable our people to get together quickly and easily to solve business problems, communicate and collaborate. It builds on our innovative suite of meeting rooms which include an aviary, conservatory and a studio (spaces that people have likened to organisations such as Google).

So why am I talking about some paint and a bit of new furniture?  This is important stuff. Research demonstrates there’s a clear correlation between providing people with innovative spaces and their levels of engagement and productivity.The Gensler worskspace report identified four key areas that need to be available for employees to be high performing which are spaces to: Focus, Collaborate, Learn, and Socialise.Our new touch down centre provides all of these areas, mixing up the space with different seating including a bamboo den, banks of laptop benches and high stools, cosy armchairs and big tables for larger collaborations. In tandem with this we’ve updated our internal wall branding bringing key messages to life in a memorable way. Instead of corporate clichés we’ve made sure they’re ‘RHPisms’ that inspire whilst being authentic to us:

A reference to our time travel themed employee conference and the sense that anything is possible.

I love this sentiment. You’ll know from previous blogs that we’re experiencing high levels of change as a sector and organisation. In order to respond positively to this shifting environment and ensure our new service offer RHPi is a success we all need to embrace change and approach it with boldness, confidence and tenacity.

In order to continue to improve the way we innovate as a business we want to instil a sense of not setting restrictions, tearing up the rule book and pushing the edges of what we do. Again, we’re doing this through the changes we’ve made with RHPi and we need to continue to think this way if we are to remain ahead of the game.

And the cost? We occasionally get challenged by visitors on the money we spend on our office environment with exclamations of ‘wow! It looks amazing but we could never afford this’. We do as much as we can ourselves and have thought creatively about how we achieve maximum impact at the lowest cost. We’re confident we get a return on this investment through happier more productive employees who have spaces that enable innovation to take place. And that’s all good news for our customers who ultimately get a better customer experience as a result.


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