An eye on RHPi: A weekly blog from RHP’s Chief Executive David Done

15th April 2016

In April 2016 RHP launched a brand-new service offer for new customers, called RHPi.

Each week our Chief Executive David will be filling us in on all the latest news and developments from the UK’s first digital only housing service.

The first piece of RHPi

This week has been momentous for all of us at RHP. After months of thought, planning and hard work from everyone across the business we let our very first RHPi home.

The idea behind RHPi is simple. People will get a good quality home on a five year fixed term tenancy, be entitled to essential and emergency repairs and 24/7 access to online services including the opportunity to receive digital employment advice and support. The aim is that at the end of the five years we help those people that can move on in a practical way.  And the icing on the cake? To give people a helping hand with their next step (providing they’ve been a responsible tenant) we’ll give them £1,000 cash back at the end of their tenancy.

We’re very clear that we won’t be compromising service here and our vision remains to be one of the best service providers in the UK. As well as being more efficient, we’ve improved the speed, convenience and overall experience for customers through quick and easy-to-use online services.

Just three months ago we told our employees of our plans to launch this innovative new service offer – news that people at many organisations would’ve taken with disbelief due to the ambitious timeframes involved. Not at RHP however. Our people have embraced the challenge to work more flexibly and efficiently, moving desk, teams and in some case roles, without so much as a sigh - they’ve been right behind us. Firstly this is because we employ fantastic people. But secondly it’s because they get it, understanding how essential it is that we reduce our operating costs if we’re going to play our part in combatting the housing crisis. They’re incredibly proud like me, that the efficiencies that RHPi will provide will allow us to invest around £250 million in new homes over the next eight years. 

Anyway, back to our first RHPi customer. His name’s Richard and when he walked through the door of his new home exclaimed: “Wow! This looks amazing!”

I’d say it’s been a pretty special week for Richard and RHP.


P.S To learn more about RHPi check out my interview in last week’s Inside Housing.

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