An eye on RHPi | Going beyond the trophy

3rd May 2016

This week something very special happened. We were named as the best medium-sized organisation to work for in the UK at the Great Place to Work Best workplaces awards.

In our first time entering the awards, we were in the company of organisations such as McDonalds, Cisco, Twinings and Mars across three different categories based on size.

Two key parts of our vision are to be one of the best service providers in the UK and a great place to work. In fact they are fundamental principles that have remained at the core of what we do since we formed over 16 years ago. To us it makes absolute business sense - we know that outstanding service comes from employees who care and are able to use their talents freely.

And it’s worked. As our employee engagement has steadily increased over the years, so have our business results.

I feel like I should say that what we do is complex. But actually it’s really simple - we believe passionately about something and we employ people who share that passion.

We recruit based on behaviours first and technical skills (which can be learnt) second, with our challenging yet fun (yes fun! Candidates actually tell us they enjoyed the experience successful or not) assessment centres designed to allow people to be themselves, let their personalities shine and show us what they’ve got. We make sure they’re engaged from the moment they step through the door with what we call our ‘wow’ welcome programme and from then on empower them to feel trusted to make decisions and share their ideas, are given meaningful opportunities and are inspired to be the best they can be.

When people challenge why we’d enter awards such as this, I’m very clear with my answer, which goes way beyond a trophy in a cabinet. They act as a useful benchmarking tool to check out how we’re doing against other top organisations, help to retain and attract talented people and provide valuable information on how we can keep becoming an even better place to work.

And here’s the really important bit. In the times of change we’re currently experiencing as a sector, what’s going to set organisations apart who thrive rather than just survive is their people. When launching our new service offer RHPi it’s required our teams to act quickly and differently, flex what they do and learn new skills.  Our high levels of engagement across the organisation means that people have come with us on this journey, putting in discretionary effort to make RHPi a reality and have handled any changes with energy, enthusiasm and a smile.

I’m understandably incredibly proud about this award, but I’m more proud of the amazing individuals I get to work with every day who make RHP the place it is. This one’s for them.

You can check out an interview with me about our number one position in the Great Place to Work Best workplaces supplement in the Guardian today and the Telegraph on Sunday.


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