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9th August 2016

We’re really proud of the quality of the homes we build and the work we do to make sure all of our current homes are in a good condition – especially with our new ‘fit for five’ standard through RHPi.

However, we see the work we do as going beyond bricks and mortar.

As well as offering quick and easy to use online services (helping people to get on with the more important things in life) we’re committed to providing meaningful opportunities to our customers that have a long lasting impact.

It’s never too early to start

Our holistic approach starts at birth, with our chosen charity, the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, which supports children to read and be school ready by the age of five. And yes you read correctly –that’s the Dolly Parton’s very own charity! Through this wonderful programme we sponsor our youngest customers to receive a free book through their door each month. And even better, our employees volunteer at local playgroups and nurseries to help read the books.

A world wide web of opportunity

Everyone’s heard of Barclays’ Digital Eagles, right? Well we have Digital Champions. As we know that the future is ‘e’ we set up a dedicated team to help customers who are less confident about using the internet to get online and experience its social, economic and financial benefits. Our Digital Champions are made up of employee and customer volunteers who run computer clubs, attend RHP events and offer on the spot advice for customers visiting our offices. Last year our champions helped 1,486 customers get online.

A pathway to work

To benefit those of our customers who are looking for a job, we set ourselves a target to help 500 customers into work and training by 2018. And we’re doing pretty well.  Since 2013 our employment services have supported over 300 customers to gain employment or increase their skills with work related training.

The social return 

I know what you might be thinking – this all sounds very nice, but does it make financial sense?

Well we’ve done the maths and for us it absolutely does. By 2018 for every £1 we invest in these programmes we’ll deliver a social return on investment of £3.91.

Through our new RHPi offer we’re continuing to provide all of these opportunities. In fact our Digital Champions are more important than ever to support people with the online only offer and we’ve moved our employment services seamlessly to a digital support – making it even easier to access.

I’ll leave you with the words of Gill who is one of our customers who gained a job with Ocado after attending our job clubs (in fact she’s even been promoted since!)  She commented on our Facebook page this week:

“RHP strikes again! Both my son and my daughter got interviews after attending RHP’s job fair. My daughter got her job at Weatherspoons and my son had a good interview at McDonald's which we are just waiting on hearing about. I’m a very proud mum! Big thanks to all involved, especially RHP’s employment team who are superstars!”

Now that definitely transcends bricks and mortar.

To learn more about these services check out the short film we’ve made on the RHPremium page of our website here


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