An eye on RHPi | Hitting an RHPi century

5th September 2016

This week I wanted to reflect on a major milestone we’ve hit with our new service offer RHPi. I’m thrilled to say we’ve now welcomed our 100th new customer to one of our RHPi homes. 

That means 100 people have now benefited from the following services:

• A ‘Fit for Five’ home: Before someone moves in we make sure their home is in tip-top shape. This could include decorating, new carpets or replacing fixtures and fittings – leading to a hassle free home with minimal things going wrong.
• 24/7 Access to online services including a two hour slot to book a repairs appointment/ web chat 8am – 8pm, quick & simple ways to make payments and an e-communities discussion forum.
• Access to an essential repairs service – helping people fix the things that matter most.
• Online employment advice and support if people are looking for work. 
• A £1,000 cash-back at the end of their tenancy if they’ve been a good neighbour and our in a position to move on.  

One of these customers is Aileen who is keeping a video diary of her RHPi experience during her first twelve months with us. During an introductory video she spoke about her new home being ‘beyond expectations’, the ‘ease’ of using the online services on her mobile and most importantly that she can now ‘relax and start enjoying life’. 

We played this video at our employee conference and there were goose bumps (and dare I say a few tears!) all round. I know not all our customer’s stories are as life changing as this one, but even if we’re positively impacting people’s lives in a small way through providing them with an affordable good quality home and convenient services we’re doing our job. Keep a look out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates from Aileen – she’s a real natural on camera! 

We’re not stopping there

We’re of course continuing to learn and keep improving our services – we’re on a mission to make them as easy as possible to use. In fact, what I’d love is for them to be described as ‘effortless’. 

Following the positive feedback from RHPi customers (94% surveyed have said we’re ‘easy to do business with’) we’re now proposing to extend the service aspects of RHPi to all existing tenants from April 2017. We’ll be consulting with customers on these changes this autumn and will be providing plenty of opportunities for them to tell what they think. 

We passionately believe that modernising our services in this way, will help us keep our customer’s future rent affordable, invest more in building new homes and all whilst providing even better services that are  quick and simple to use. 

Here’s to the next 100!


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