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22nd April 2016

This week I really enjoyed speaking at the HouseMark conference ‘Transforming housing for the new environment’. I was inspired listening to Tom Ground, Chief Executive at L&G Homes who spoke of plans to build over 5,000 flats a year in their factory in Leeds and from L&Q’s David Montague explaining plans to create the largest housing association in Europe building a whopping 100,000 homes. Impressive stuff!

In reflecting on how the sector is moving forward, it became clear to me that we need transformation in both the pace of delivering more homes and also in how the sector delivers service in a more digital world. For me, innovation is the key to any successful business and this is where I think RHP has a big part to play.

We have developed a new simpler service offer for new customers based on making it even easier for customers and our employees to do business with us. We’ve called this new offer RHPi and we believe it will play a huge part in delivering better, faster, lower cost services to customers and in doing so give them more choice, convenience and control.

 RHPi is a digital only service which enables us to deliver services anytime, anyplace and on any device – a must in the modern world! This isn’t a new thing for us - we started our journey of digital transformation in 2012 when, inspired by the Ocado model, we developed the first online repairs appointment booking system in the sector, enabling our customers to be able to book a two hour slot for their repair at a time that suits them. Why shouldn’t it be as convenient as ordering your online shopping? Over the past two years we’ve worked hard to encourage more customers online and today are proud to say that the majority of repairs are booked directly by customers and 99% of all payments are now made electronically.  In March we introduced e-tenancy agreements as another first for RHP and I’m confident that this will further improve our service.

In preparation for RHPi and to provide the best possible online experience for customers both current and new, we’ve recently launched a brand new website that’s quicker and easier to use. Customers can carry out key transactions in just a few clicks, message us in moments over live web chat and check out the planned works for their home over the next five years. Also, knowing that video is now king, we’ve upped our multi-media content including starting a library of how to videos for common household repairs.

I’ve been blown away by the positive feedback we’ve had from customers and one of my favourite quotes is from a customer (Terry) who said: “it’s so fast. It takes me longer to tie my shoe lace than to book a repair” I’m not sure our marketing team could have put it any better – maybe I should offer Terry a job!

This is just the start of our on-going digital transformation, we will continue to have a relentless focus on making it super easy for our customers and employees to do business with us and we will be at the heart of innovation in the sector - for us it’s simply a no brainer. That’s transformation the RHPi way!

Discover more about our new website by checking out this short film.


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