An eye on RHPi | Remaining flexible and stable through times of change

30th August 2016

Last week in an article for the Guardian, NHF Chief Executive David Orr called for “flexibility and stability in the face of a period of change” from both the government and housing associations. Part of the ‘flexibility’ Orr is referring to is to provide homes that offer a mix of tenures and meet a range of needs that don’t just focus on home ownership.

Like any other business that has got funding from the financial markets and has links with the UK economy we will no doubt feel an impact from Brexit in some form. However, we’re confident that we’re in a strong position to remain stable and flexible during these uncertain times. By virtue of our bond issue last year and the efficiencies we’ll create through our new service offer RHPi we still plan to invest at least £250m over the next eight years in new affordable homes.

In September and October alone we’ll be opening three brand new developments that offer a mix of affordable rent and shared ownership homes.

Here’s a little taster of the types of homes we’re offering:

Bermuda and Brentham House (Hampton Wick)

For me this development encapsulates the flexibility we offer in the homes we build with a nearly 50:50 split between homes for affordable rent and shared ownership.

Red Lion (Central Richmond)

All of this development is for affordable rent - I’m incredibly proud we’re able to offer affordable homes in the centre of Richmond.

Staines Road (Hounslow)

Our first new development in Hounslow and it looks stunning! Again this offers a mix of shared ownership and homes for affordable rent.

The flexibility doesn’t end there either. Alongside our existing offer, our future plans for RHPi are to provide opportunities for an additional group of customers – those in the ‘intermediate’ market. These are those people who don’t qualify for social housing but for whom homeownership is still out of reach. They could be stuck in the rent trap or even still living at home with their parents in their late twenties and thirties.

So in short, I wholeheartedly agree with David Orr.

We’re sticking to our pre-brexit plan of building as many affordable homes (offering a mix of tenures) as we can over the next eight years, continuing to improve our digital only service offer RHPi (we’re soon to be at our 100th RHPi customer!) and are prepared to remain agile to respond to any further external challenges we’ll undoubtedly face.

Whatever the future will bring I’m positive and optimistic about how RHP can rise to the challenge.

You can read the full article in the Guardian here


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