An eye on RHPi | RHPi hits the big 5-0

4th July 2016

It’s been three months since we launched our new (well perhaps not so new anymore!) service offer and as our first quarter draws to a close we’ve welcomed over 50 customers into an RHPi home.

These 50 customers include people who have moved in to some of our brand new developments including Amelia Close just outside Twickenham which we’ve transformed from on old garage site.

For those who aren’t moving into a new build, we’ve made sure their home is up to our ‘fit for five standard’ with the aim that the property withstands family life for at least five years. This will reduce the amount a customer needs to contact us and repairs needed making us easier to do business with and creating cost savings.

It’s really important that we hear how we’re doing from our customers and what they think about the RHPi service. We therefore not only check in with every single customer a month after they’ve moved in (through what we call our ‘RHPinterview’) but we also ask independent organisations to collate feedback for us.

The information we’ve received so far is encouraging with 94% of customers surveyed satisfied with their home and the service they’ve received so far. Looking at what our customers are saying, one theme has come out very clearly:

It really is better online

Back in April when we started RHPi some people saw us introducing a digital only service as very brave and were sceptical about the outcome.

However the feedback we’ve received so far reflects that this was a risk worth taking. The comments are peppered throughout with words such as ‘quick’ ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ in relation to our digital offering. And on the few occasions when something has gone wrong I’ve loved hearing how customers have got it sorted quickly by hopping on to web chat or sending us a tweet.

I’m also heartened by the fact that we haven’t lost our personality through moving more to digital channels – something that I have to admit even a couple of our employees  had raised as a concern. It’s our people that set us apart and we’ve a long history of them being complimented on their warmth, helpfulness and understanding. In fact we came first for ‘friendliness’ in last year’s UKCSI list (retail non-food category) ahead of service giants like John Lewis. Our people have skilfully kept their spark and transferred it online whether that’s resolving something via web chat, a snappy tweet or a helpful email response.

Some people thought we were taking something away moving digital only. However the results so far back up our confidence that we’re in fact doing quite the opposite – with a service that’s enhanced by its speed, simplicity and ease.

It’s still early days and we’ll keep looking for ways we can continuously improve the service so that it’s a triple win. That’s a win for our customers with better services, a win for the business with increased efficiency and a win for London with us being able to invest £250m in providing more affordable homes over the next eight years.

For more information about RHPi check out this short film.


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