An eye on RHPi | The next (re)generation

16th September 2016

I’ve spoken in previous blogs about the efficiencies that RHPi will bring, helping us to invest £250m over the next eight years in building more affordable homes across London. We’re not only interested in building new homes but also look for innovative ways to transform our current stock and surrounding areas. An example of this is our flagship regeneration programme at Fountains Close in Hounslow.

 I’m really excited to say that activity has now started on site to prepare for the building work to begin for this scheme in October.

The regeneration will not only transform the estate but will also positively impact the surrounding area regenerating it physically, socially and economically.

The striking new design and layout of Fountains Close will be a stark contrast in relation to how the development currently looks. The new development includes landmark buildings overlooking a central green so that a statement is made that the estate has a vibrant future. Although the new design will be impressive, the impact is more far reaching than aesthetics.

RHP is committed to building sustainable communities- places where people can live, work productively, and play an active part in shaping change. Fountains Close is located in an area where rates of economic activity are lower than the borough average. In response it’s important to us that the regeneration includes:

·Almost double the amount of homes! (going from 48 to 99)

·Homes that are of mixed tenure to encourage a more diverse range of demographics

·A proportion of affordable shared ownership properties (aimed at incomes of between £25k - £40K) to give more people the opportunity for the first step on the housing ladder

·Each home will be fitted with a highly efficient eco-friendly boiler saving customers both money and energy

·For those customers looking for work access to our free employment services

We’re confident these changes will lead to significant and long lasting improvements to our customer’s lives, their homes and the local area, as well as providing opportunities for new RHPi customers to benefit from the scheme, perhaps even through home ownership.

I’ll keep you posted in future blogs about how the scheme is taking shape.


PS I’m looking forward to #HousingDay on Monday – RHP has lots planned. More on that next week.

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