An eye on RHPi | The year that was: Better, faster and lower cost

29th July 2016

Have you seen our annual report film yet? It’s out now on our website and picks out some of our performance highlights from the last financial year.

Each year the key thing for me is that we can look back and say ‘we got better, we got faster and we got lower cost’ all whilst keeping our customers at the heart of what we do.

And I’m pleased to say that our customers noticed a difference.

It’s always been important to me that we never forget to do the basics brilliantly. I’m therefore delighted that tenant satisfaction improved in core service areas such as repairs (84%) and caretaking (85%) and that 83% of our customers told us they were satisfied overall.

We were recognised externally for our service as well – winning awards such as the UK Customer Experience award in their not for profit section. Our people shone bright too helping us to be named as the best medium-size place to work in the Great place to work list.

And we couldn’t forget being ranked number one in the sector for innovation in the Inside Housing dolphin index – an achievement that reflects the creative and innovative culture we’ve worked hard to cultivate.

Launching our new website has made it quicker and easier for our customers to access us at a time convenient to them. 99% of repairs were completed on target and 70% of them were booked digitally using our online appointment system. Plus we turned around our empty homes in an average of 14 days.

We had 24% less complaints and those we did have were resolved within two days.

We spent £14.6M into maintaining existing homes and delivered 58 new affordable homes in great locations like Dairy Court in Richmond. Our increased surplus of £12.2m will support us to invest in providing more affordable homes this year.

We’re not stopping there – after all we’re aiming to be the best service provider in the UK.

Looking ahead, we plan to build on the success of our new digital only service offer RHPi. All our services will continue to become better, faster and lower cost with extended web chat hours, query resolution within four hours from our sundown team and super speedy responses through our social media channels.

Over the next twelve months we’ll build 85 new homes (including a proportion of shared ownership) and are committed to investing £250M into providing more affordable housing over the next eight years.

We’ve dubbed 2016/17 as ‘the year of innovation’ at RHP. RHPi will continue to lead the way with cutting edge digital services, we’re providing frameworks for our employees to innovate and being involved in Housemark’s start-up accelerator programme will help us to both share and gain insight from forward thinking businesses outside of the sector.

 Exciting times ahead – watch this space!

You can take a look at our annual report film here.


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