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13th January 2017

It’s been six weeks since we officially kicked off our involvement in HouseMark’s Evolve programme (run in partnership with LMarks) and six start-up organisations moved into our offices.

We handpicked the six companies based on what we thought they could bring to our business and likewise what we could share with them.  The super six are:

Data scientists, they transform data analysis and patterns of behaviour into easy to use information that helps organisations make better decisions.

Use external data sources to provide unique building insight on any building to enable better maintenance and asset management.

Specialise in providing solutions for smart energy management to reduce heating costs through district heating and metering solutions.

A keyless entry solution that works on smartphones.

A transactional home services marketplace - think a commercial check a trade solution easily accessible by customers online.

Their solution is to easily create software using open source, drag and drop builder for web applications and APIs. Apparently their technology allows anyone to create apps in minutes!

It’s been brilliant having them share our spaces and the really exciting bit is that we’re starting to see potential avenues for collaborating together – particularly in relation to our repairs, maintenance, development and digital services.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we’re focusing on driving innovation from every level of the organisation. Therefore our people are getting in on the act too with the start-ups meeting with teams, service areas and individuals relevant to the work they do.

Yesterday the start-ups joined us for a very special version of ‘4 in 4’ (our internal employee innovation programme where employees pitch ideas for business improvement). This time the tables were turned and instead of employees pitching, the start-ups sold their business ideas and what they could bring to RHP. I was thrilled to hear the interest our employees took and they really kept them on their toes with some tricky questions. We want our employees to think commercially so at the end of the session we asked them the following question:

At the end of the programme there will be a ‘demo day’ where the start-ups will share their more informed business pitches and seek investment and support from us. It’s still early days but I’m looking forward to learning more from each of the companies and seeing what opportunities there are for our people to learn too – not just in terms of their business ideas but also about the start-up mentality and innovative ways of working.

I’ll keep you up to date in future blogs on how we continue to build relationships through the programme and if any of their pitches win our business!


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