Apprenticeships at RHP - a ladder of opportunity

8th March 2017

In partnership with Way to Work, our apprenticeship scheme provides meaningful opportunities and demonstrates our commitment to invest in local people.

Our scheme provides an excellent foundation in business administration and customer service and a fantastic opportunity to achieve a professional qualification. We develop personal and technical skills to set our apprentices up for success. By the end of their training, they have the skills to go on to permanent employment either within RHP or another organisation. Since the scheme launched in 2009, we've awarded apprenticeships to 14 people, and all of them have gone onto permanent employment. We also run a separate caretaking scheme and have awarded 21 apprenticeships to date.

We currently have eight apprentices covering all areas of the business from caretaking to finance, HR, communications and customer service. These are their stories:

Hollie - Communications Apprentice
"I joined my school’s sixth form after finishing my GCSEs but I was unhappy with how I was progressing. It wasn’t right for me and I needed a new opportunity which wasn’t necessarily in full time education. I contacted Way to Work, who I’d heard about through a friend. We spoke about things I was interested in and they gave me a job description for a role at RHP."

"My job involves supporting our graphic designer - this includes designing publications, social media campaigns, flyers, posters and our newsletter which goes to our caretakers. I also help to manage the content on our TV screens while helping with admin duties for the team. Throughout my time at RHP I’ve learnt a whole library of skills. I’ve learnt Adobe programmes from scratch including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My confidence has improved massively, and I’ve achieved things which I never thought I would. I’ve also improved my writing skills through helping to write news articles which is really important. My advice to others would be don’t be scared to get involved! Apprenticeships definitely aren’t shouted about and given as much attention as they should be. I can honestly say that starting this apprenticeship is best thing I’ve ever done and the opportunities that I can go onto in the future are so much broader now because of it."

"Once my time at RHP is up, I’d love to go onto a junior designer or other graphic design role. After gaining all of the new skills since starting here, I’ve realised I have a passion for design and would love to carry it on further.”

Shannaleigh - Housing Services Apprentice
"Once I’d left college and was working part time, I didn’t feel like I was gaining many skills and the job wasn’t challenging at all. I knew people who were doing very well in apprenticeships  - my friend was doing one, learning and getting paid for it. My mum also worked in apprenticeships and was always telling me how good they are. My job involves administration, speaking and writing to customers, answering their queries and supporting them."

"Alongside my day-to-day tasks I’ve learnt so much at RHP: like understanding customer’s needs and how to deal professionally with internal and external customers. I’ve taken part in numerous projects and great things have come out of them. You incorporate everything you do into your NVQ diploma as well and Way To Work and RHP have helped me so much. I have learnt so many different skills that you wouldn’t get from higher level education- not only getting a nationally-recognised diploma but also working hands-on in an office environment, giving me so much more experience.

An apprenticeship is a great place to start whether you know what you want to do or not, as you can incorporate the skills you learn to any job role.  I’m not 100% sure what I’d like to do in the future career-wise, but I’m currently in a really good role and can only progress.”

Zak - Asset Services Apprentice
“I chose an apprenticeship because when I finished college I still didn’t know what I wanted to do and no university courses really caught my eye so I felt an apprenticeship was the best option for me. My job involves compiling spreadsheets, updating data and other admin duties. There are many things that I have learned at RHP, but I think the main thing is how important it is to give great customer service. Learning whilst getting paid is amazing."

"Even if you don’t know which career you want to go into, the skills you learn are transferable to any job role. There are so many opportunities for progression both inside and outside of RHP because of this apprenticeship.”

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