Become a Tenant board member

9th April 2018

We have an exciting opportunity for a tenant to join our board later this year and make a meaningful difference to the running of our business.

RHP is governed by a board which is made up of people with a wide variety of skills and experiences. Two of these board members are customers of RHP – one is a tenant and another is a leaseholder.  They are not customer representatives but full independent non-executive Directors of RHP sharing responsibility for the governance of the organisation with the rest of the board.

One of our tenant board members is coming to the end of her maximum term in the role and we’re currently recruiting for a replacement.  She has made a substantial contribution to the work of the board in a wide variety of ways – from helping to select the current repairs and maintenance contractor, helping to modernise and improve our complaints process and always looking at how RHP can live out its values of being open, honest and on the customer’s side.

We’re now looking for another tenant to join the board who can help to  shape and oversee a complex customer-focused business and can support and scrutinize the work of RHP as it delivers services to existing tenants and builds new homes for those not able to secure a home of their own in the open market.

As our new board member you will need to be able to contribute fully within a board of management of up to 12 people. You will have existing skills and experiences to bring to this role – perhaps through your existing work or volunteering.  You will be provided with training and support to help you develop new skills and understanding of the breadth of issues that the RHP board deals with and you will benefit from a handover period with the departing board member. 

The role requires a commitment of around 12 – 15 hours per month which includes preparing for and attending board and committee meetings which take place in the early evening.

Remuneration of £5,000 per annum will be paid for the role.

If you are interested in this role then please let us know as soon as possible (by the end of May 2018 at the latest).  We will then make contact and provide opportunities for you to learn more about what is involved in being a board member before we invite you to make a formal application to join the board.  If you are not sure you are ready for this challenge but would still be interested in making a difference to the work of RHP then we’d also be delighted to hear from you.

To express your interest and to find out more, please email

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