Support with benefits changes

15th March 2018

Universal Credit is a monthly payment that replaces six other benefits that were given to people looking for work or on low incomes. It works differently though so understanding it can be a bit of a minefield.

To find out exactly how you'll be affected, you can use our benefits calculator. To discuss your options in more detail, contact us through web chat or Facebook. 

If you live in Hounslow, Richmond or Kingston & want to understand more, check out our video:

If you're claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (UC), the amount you receive each week will be reduced to the cap amount. If you're entitled to the childcare costs element of UC, it's protected and won't be reduced.

You could increase your payments to cover the cost of any changes and stay in your current home. You could pay a little extra to get in advance on your rent account and build up savings for other bills. You might be able to earn extra money from a lodger, but check with us first as there are a few things to be aware of. You could find work: for support and training, email If you have any cash concerns, get in touch. Our rents team can help you manage your money and clear any debts you have.

If you have spare bedrooms in your home, you're affected by the bedroom tax and may lose up to 25% of your benefits. If you don't want to pay the bedroom tax, but still want to receive your full share of benefits, you have a couple of options. You could move to a smaller home through a mutual exchange. Once you've found another customer who'd like to swap homes with you and you're ready to kick start your mutual exchange, get in touch. Or you could find work: for support and training, email To discuss these options in more detail and find what's best for you, contact us through web chat or Facebook.

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