Complaints: you said, we did

20th June 2019

When we receive a complaint, we always try to put things right.  But afterwards we analyse what went wrong, how we could’ve avoided that complaint arising, and what we can change to prevent similar complaints in the future.  Here are a few changes we’ve made over the last 12 months as a result of this insight:

  • Channel of choice: despite receiving high levels of satisfaction with our online services, we learned there were times when customers preferred to pick up the phone. Now, we encourage you to contact us through the channel of your choice, including telephone. We’re committed to resolving your issue quickly and brilliantly, however you choose to get in touch.
  • SMS for cancelled repairs:  Too many customers were frustrated that we didn't let them know about a repair we’d cancelled, often because it wasn’t part of our essential repairs service. Now, you'll receive an automated text message whenever this happens
  • Help & Advice Pages: We improved the information we had online on a wide range of topics, from the amount we charge for alterations, to being more transparent and publishing all our policies online.
  • Communal lighting: we stopped referring this repair to a specialist contractor and took a customer’s advice to train our caretaker to fix this.
  • How to complain: customers told us they found our complaints process too confusing. They wanted to know how to complain, what to expect when they do, and how to escalate things if they were still unhappy. We sent all customers a leaflet outlining these steps and held a Facebook Live broadcast explaining our process, giving customers the opportunity to ask questions in real time. 

Over the next year we'll continue using this insight to minimise the number of complaints we receive. We’ll do this by empowering our customer services team to take ownership of your query. They’ll do whatever they can to resolve it at the first point of contact, preventing things from escalating further.

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