Fire safety in the home

5th September 2016

A faulty tumble dryer is believed to have sparked a fire on 19 August in west London that caused damage across five floors of an 18-storey tower block.

The Whirlpool tumble dryer had been recalled and was due to be inspected.

London Fire Commissioner, Ron Dobson, said: "If my kitchen had one of the recalled goods in it, I would unplug it straight away until it has been checked and repaired. The flat's occupants had a terrifying ordeal. The kitchen quickly became smoke logged and thankfully they noticed the smoke and quickly left the flat and called the brigade. This decision could have saved lives."

As we approach autumn and winter, take extra care around fireplaces and cookers and make sure cigarettes are put out properly. If you're lighting candles, keep them away from any materials that may catch fire easily and take care to leave them out of children’s reach.

Some properties are fitted with smoke alarms wired into the main electrical circuits. We maintain these but please let us know if there is a problem with your alarm. If you have a battery-operated smoke alarm you should test the batteries every week.

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