RHP launches first digital-only housing service

8th April 2016

This month we launched the first digital-only housing service in the UK for our new customers. Playing our part in combatting the housing crisis, the change is designed to increase efficiency so we can build even more affordable homes across London.

The new offer will significantly reduce our operating costs whilst also improving the speed, convenience and overall experience for customers through quick and easy-to-use online services.  

As part of the service, which is called RHPi, customers will get a good quality, smart home on a five-year fixed-term tenancy. People will be entitled to essential and emergency repairs and 24/7 access to online services. There’s even the opportunity to receive digital employment advice and support. The icing on the cake however, is the cash-back customers will receive at the end of the five years if they’re in a position to move on – a helping hand with their next step.

RHP’s Chief Executive David Done says: “We see the changes taking place in social housing as a tremendous opportunity to offer even better homes and services."

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