Ham Close Regeneration does its 'fair' share

13th June 2018

This past weekend saw the Ham Close Regeneration’s Project Director and Project Manager, Adam and Tracey, pitch up their tent at Ham Fair to talk all things Ham Close with customers and local residents.

This was a truly 21st century affair with the tent containing more virtual reality (VR) headsets than you could shake a ‘hook-a-duck’ at! Though many visitors enjoyed the delights of the digital rollercoaster the VR also had a topical purpose. It gave people the chance to have a virtual tour of a recently finished RHP regeneration project, Fountains Close. Guests were able to ‘walk through’ a flat at Fountains Close which gave them an idea of what the new homes at Ham Close could look like and the high quality standards involved.

There was also a chance for Ham residents to vote on what community project they’d like to see potentially take place throughout the project as part of our ‘Communi-tree.’ If you’d like to hang a suggestion on the tree, there’s still time! Please send your suggestions to hamclose@rhp.org.uk.

Project Director, Adam, says: “The fair gave us a great opportunity to meet with local residents and hear their latest thoughts about the regeneration. We were heartened to see that 97% of visitors surveyed felt more positive about the project after speaking to us than they were before. This whole process for us has been about two-way communication and hearing the wants and needs of the local community. We look forward to continuing that dialogue throughout the coming months.”

If you’d like to know further information about the Ham Close regeneration please visit www.hamclose.co.uk.  

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