How we're supporting vulnerable customers

21st April 2020

As always and especially throughout this unique time, our customers’ safety is our top priority.

Throughout this period we’ve been looking at ways that we can provide customers that fall into a vulnerable group any additional support. This has included phoning all customers who are over 70 who are living on their own or in a couple, to check on how they’re doing and to see if there’s anything we can do for them. We’ve also been signposting them to local agencies and organisations that might be able to help them during this time.

So far we’ve contacted over 1,000 customers who fall into this group and our calls have been received positively, with many welcoming a friendly chat if nothing else. Some of our employees have even agreed to make a weekly call to those customers that are on their own.

This is in additional to the work our Customer Support Advisors are continuing to do to support people who fall into other vulnerable groups, as well as our Retirement Scheme Managers who have taken actions to keep customers in our Retirement Living accommodation safe and well. 

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