Latest complaints report

31st January 2018

We know things sometimes go wrong, so we look carefully at every complaint and take steps to learn and improve from them where we can. Our latest complaints report has shown the top three areas for improvement are:

  • Not fixing things first time
  • Communication 
  • Housing policy, like your expectations of our role as a landlord regarding things like fire safety and re-housing

Based on what you've told us, here's what we're doing:

  • Our customer success team has had extensive training (which is ongoing) so we can make sure knowledge is where it needs to be and empower employees to take responsibility for queries, answering them competently and resolving them first time
  • Working closely with our repairs partner to make some changes to our service
  • Clearly explaining our fire clearance approach, setting out the reasons why we do what we do
  • Clearly explaining our allocations policy and offer alternative moving options for our customers to explore

You can see our performance figures for quarter 3 (October-December) here.  

If you’re not happy with our service, you can find out what your options are here. If you need help with anything, drop us a line via the ‘contact us’ page.

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