Latest complaints report

15th June 2018

We know things sometimes go wrong, so we look carefully at every complaint and take steps to learn and improve from them where we can. Our latest complaints report has shown the top three areas for improvement are:

1. Policy
2. Quality of work
3. Communication 

We’re continuing to see an increase in queries from councillors and MPs, as a result of newly-appointed councillors following through on election promises. We've had some issues with former customer's details not being removed from certain systems meaning that wrong customers are getting contacted about repairs. There have also been concerns over our ‘digital first’ approach to help get issues resolved. 

Based on what you've told us, here's what we're going to do:

• Speak to local councillors, MPs and other stakeholder to make sure enquiries are sent to one central point so we can respond more quickly 

• Meet with our repairs team to understand how data is removed from their systems and make sure no old details are kept on their system

• We’ve rolled out a new approach for managing customer queries and reviewed our service standards so you can be really clear what to expect from us. As part of this, we’re committed to resolving your issue brilliantly however you choose to get in touch. The quickest way to get a response is by chatting to us on web chat between 8am – 8pm. You can also contact us on our main Facebook and Twitter pages, or if it’s out of hours you can drop us an email. If you’d prefer to use the phone, you’re welcome to call us on 0800 0322 433. You can also use this number for emergencies 24/7 365. 

Our customer services team will be reporting weekly on new complaints that come in. This will feed into our more detailed monthly complaints review. 

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