Lift replacement at Chertsey Court

13th February 2020

In 2018,  two lifts failed at Chertsey Court and could not be brought back to service due to parts being discontinued. RHP undertook a risk assessment of all customers in the blocks affected and offered to re-accommodate customers who may have a dependency on the lift. The replacement of a passenger lift is a lengthy process because of the procurement process and lead times for lift manufacture and it can take up to a year to have a single lift replaced. 

We wrote to customers in 2018 advising of our intention to replace the two affected lifts, with a view of renewing them in that year. Following this communication, other lifts at Chertsey Court started to fail beyond repair and a difficult decision had to be taken to re-procure the replacement of all 18 passenger lifts, to be delivered over a programme of three years. 

The procurement of all 18 lifts was completed in 2019 and we are now in a position to award the contract. This has led to a revision to the overall programme and we now intend to replace the out of service lifts at Chertsey Court by the end of 2020 or sooner. We’ll be in touch with customers with more details on this and what it means for them.

Our Customer Support Team have been in frequent contact with customers who’ve been affected by this and have visited the vast majority of them. We’re working with agencies to help provide support to customers with taking their shopping up to their homes or helping with any heavy lifting and will continue to provide any day-to-day support where needed. 

We’re really sorry to any customers who have been impacted by this and will continue to do all we can to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

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