New 'how-to' videos out now

4th April 2017

If you’ve got a problem in your home that needs fixing, knowing what to look for sometimes means you can put things right yourself and save time. For help with controlling condensation in your home, replacing sealant, unblocking a sink and much more, check out our 'how to' videos: they can be found under 'DIY Help' in the help and advice section.

From 3 April 2017 we're offering an essential repairs service – meaning we’ll still be carrying out the most important repairs for keeping your home safe, sound and secure. We’ll continue to complete repairs within 10 days of them being reported and you’ll still be able to book emergency and communal repairs. Essential repairs are:

  • Damaged gutters and pipes

  • Blocked or leaking communal drains

  • Damaged windows or external doors caused burglary or forced entry

  • Electrical repairs

  • Major repairs or leaks to baths, showers, toilets and basins

  • Kitchen worktops, units and sinks

Your safety is important. Don't carry out repairs that need professional help, or that you're not comfortable with.

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