Queen’s House water issue resolved

17th February 2017

Last week there were a few problems with the water at Queen’s House in Teddington, with some homes without water for longer than we’d hoped for. We’re really sorry for any of our customers affected by this.

Our customers’ safety and welfare is our top priority. In rare circumstances such as this we’ll aim to complete work as swiftly as possible, however we also need to ensure work is carried out safely. 

We were first made aware of a leak at Queen’s House after a report to RHP on Monday 6 February after a leaking underground main stopcock was discovered. The repair had to be delayed due to the complex site conditions. During this period there had been a drop in water pressure but it worsened on Friday 10 February. It was at this same time that we were told that some customers didn’t have water supply.  As soon as we knew this we raised an emergency repair with Thames Water who carried out the repair that same day.

On the evening of Friday, 10 February we dropped off bottled water and portable heaters to make sure that customers had heating and water supplies for the weekend.

Unfortunately four of the flats still had interrupted supplies due to air locks in the system. These air locks were successfully released by one of our plumbers earlier this week and all of our Queen’s House customers now have a regular water service again.

We’re staying in touch with all customers affected in case there’s anything else they need. 

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