RHP publishes ‘uncovering a forgotten generation’ report

25th April 2018

Housing has never had such a high profile with the general public, and for the first time in many years, governments at a local and national level are sitting up and paying attention.

The housing crisis crosses regions, ages, and lifestyles, but in London the statistics make for particularly stark reading. 

Due to this trend we decided to carry out a piece of research, in partnership working with Savills and Share to Buy, specifically targeting the millennial generation (home seekers aged 19-34). 

As you’ll see within the report itself this target market feels both ignored and that there is a lack of housing options open to them. This is reflected within the key headline findings: 

•             42% are sharing, 23% are at home still with family (but don’t want to be) 

•             75% aren’t happy

•             63% say that affordability is their biggest issue.

This is why at RHP we’ve been developing innovative housing products for this market as well as committing that half of our future new homes developed will be designed specifically for, and truly affordable for this segment.

Enjoy looking through the report and if you have any further questions after reading please email Tim.Willcocks@rhp.org.uk.

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