Your new services from 3 April

3rd March 2017

Today we’re launching RHPi, our all-digital service, so we can keep costs down & build more homes.

Delivering great customer service is at the heart of everything we do so we’ve been working hard to modernise our services to improve their speed, ease and convenience. This will also help keep costs down wherever possible, enabling us to provide more homes for others like you.

Thanks to everyone who shared their views as part of the consultation. We’ve listened to all of the feedback we’ve received and have taken on board any comments made. We're confident we have solutions in place to respond to any concerns that were raised.

In a nutshell, RHPi means:

1. You’ll need to access our services via our easy-to-use website at (including booking a repairs appointment and making a payment) instead of over the phone

2. You can contact us on web chat, social media or email for a super quick resolution

3. We’ll be offering an ‘essential repairs’ service with changes to the range of repairs we currently offer.

Check out this video for a summary of what changes we've made and why.

It’s important to us that all our customers can access our services. We’ve made a note of all customers who are unable to use our services digitally (e.g. because of age or disability) and they’ll still be able to get in touch over the phone. If this applies to you and you haven’t let us know yet, please give us a call on 0800 0322 433.


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