An eye on RHPi | The six-week review

20th May 2016

It’s been six full weeks since we launched our new service offer RHPi and we’ve had twenty customers experience the offer so far.

Key to the success of RHPi is the Lettings experience – for me every home we let is a golden moment for RHP to form a fantastic relationship with a new customer and to ‘wow’ them with their very first interactions with us, the ease of our services and quality of our homes.

To make sure we’re giving our customers the best possible experience we carry out what we call an ‘RHPinterview’ with each new tenant to check out how they’re getting on four weeks down the line.

In my very first blog, I spoke of Richard, our inaugural RHPi customer. One month since moving in we checked in with him to see how he’s getting on. He said he’s enjoying living somewhere which is good quality – particularly his new kitchen and added: “I’ve never moved in anywhere where nothing needs to be done before. It’s made it really easy to settle in”.

It’s been great hearing the personal stories of our first set of customers. There was the lady who was previously staying in a hostel, who says her RHPi home has ‘changed her life’. She commented she now has a ‘wonderful home’ where her grandchildren can play safely when they visit and the huge difference even having her own bathroom has made.  I’ve also been really proud to hear how fast our new homes team have been turning things around - one customer viewed their home and signed the e-tenancy within three hours of the nomination!

At the core of RHPi are quick and easy to use online services so I’ve particularly enjoyed hearing how our digital tools are helping customers to settle in – just like the gentleman who said: “It’s so simple to get stuff sorted. I couldn’t work my boiler so hopped onto web chat and the lovely lady on the other end chatted me through it online”

And although it’s encouraging to hear what we’re getting right, it’s more important to us to hear what we can keep improving. As with anything new there have been areas where we’ve tweaked what we’re doing as a result of the feedback we’re getting.

We’ve adapted our welcome email to ask people to take their personal device along to their sign up (e.g. the tablet or smartphone they’ll be using to access our services). We were finding that as all our documents are electronic people were coming along without them as they were saved on a device they use at home. This way they can re-read anything they need to on the spot and we can show them around our website and how to access our online services on the device they’ll actually be using. It was also brought to our attention that often it takes a couple of weeks to get your broadband set up in your new home which meant some customers felt they couldn’t access our services straight away. As a way round this we’ve invited all new customers to come in and use the bank of PCs in our reception where our digital engagement team are on hand to help with anything they need. Whether they need to take us up on this or not, the offer has been appreciated.

These are small changes but we’re finding they’re making a big difference to the ease of the experience.

Soon we’ll be launching our e-communities area through our website where customers can chat with each other on topics that are important to them regarding their home and our services. This’ll be another great opportunity for us to receive even more valuable feedback on what we’re getting right and what we can do better.

Years RHPi home standard will last: 5

Number of full weeks live: 6

New customers referred to our employment service: 8

Average number of days to turnaround an empty home: 15

Customer’s signed up: 20

Homes made fit for five: 33

Need a recap on what RHPi is all about? I’ll leave you with this short film we’ve made that sums it up.


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