RHP's Fire Safety System is best in class

15th April 2019

RHP has been reaccredited with the achieved the PAS 7 certification for their Fire Risk Management System (FRMS) after becoming the first organisation in the UK to achieve the status in 2017.

PAS 7 is developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as a formal fire risk system for organisations and individual sites and provides assurance to fire and rescue assurance to fire and safety authorities when undertaking an audit.  

RHP’s Head of Health & Safety, Irusha Hewawasamge says: “We are thrilled that our hard work has been recognised in this way. It is a reflection on the emphasis we place on maintaining high levels of fire safety across all of our homes. We’re proud to be role-modelling high standards and are happy to share our learnings with the sector.”

The introduction of PAS 7 by the BSI is to provide the basis to build a resilient and robust FRMS. The systems can be applied in: organisations that operate on multiple sites, separate management division within an organisation and individual premises with a single entity.

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