Spring grass, shrub and tree care

1st April 2019

Our grass-cutting programme starts today (1 April). In the spring and summer, our partners at Continental aim to cut the grass every 12-13 working days, weather permitting. 

Shrub maintenance takes place every six to eight weeks and is guided by horticultural best practice, so we won't cut any plants that are flowering: unless they're obstructing windows, pathways or entrances. We also need to be mindful of birds or other wildlife that may be nesting in shrubs and hedges.

Our tree maintenance programme makes sure all trees in communal areas on our land are healthy and well maintained. We don't maintain trees in private gardens. If you'd like to cut down a tree in your private garden, you'd need to contact your local council to find out whether it's protected, before letting us know what work you were planning to do. 

For more information on when the grass in your area is being cut, or how a specific tree is being maintained, hop onto web chat.

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