An eye on RHPi: Stand up, stand out, stand firm

6th May 2016

This week, as part of our work as an Investors in People champion we hosted an event for IIP members from a range of different companies and sectors. The event focused on the theme ‘Engaging people in a digitally connected age: How innovative is your culture?’

As part of the day we were lucky enough to be joined by leading customer experience expert Shaun Smith who’s worked with the likes of British Airways, Burberry and John Lewis. Shaun actually first came to speak to us a few years ago where he  discussed how brands that are transforming their market and making a difference have three things in common - they ‘stand up, stand out and stand firm’. These words have resonated with me ever since, and I think are more important than ever for both us as an organisation and a sector as a whole.

In fact, in responding to the external challenges faced by the sector we’ve done all three of these things through the introduction of our new service offer RHPi.

Through RHPi we have a very clear purpose - to play our part in combatting the housing crisis by providing more affordable homes for people unable to buy or rent in the private market. This isn’t just an aim that resonates with customers but also with employees – many of whom are part of ‘generation rent’ and are struggling to get on the property ladder themselves.  They’re as excited as I am about our future plans to offer homes to the ‘intermediate market’ as it means opportunities for people just like them.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the digital transformation which we’ve been through as an organisation and it’s our digital services that we believe help RHPi stand out from the crowd.

As the first digital only housing service in the UK, our 24/7 online services offer choice, convenience and control to our customers with quick and simple online services.

Since forming in 2000 we’ve had a consistent vision – to be one of the best service providers in the UK. Since then service has remained at the heart of our culture and brand personality and runs through the DNA of everything we do.

Through RHPi we’re standing firm alongside this vision.Our focus is upon building more homes, whilst still staying true to our vision and what makes us special.  Although we’ll be reducing our operating costs, we’re very clear we won’t be compromising our service – in fact we aim to improve it whilst saving money.

In his book ‘Bold: how to be brave in business and win’ Shaun advocates a number of principles around what makes a successful business, however he states the two most important are to ‘Stand up for something’ and ‘Stick to your purpose’. I think that sums up what we’ve done through RHPi perfectly.

For more information about Shaun Smith check out his website and to learn more about RHPi take a look at RHP’s website.   


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