Tomorrow starts today: regenerating a brighter future

17th November 2016

Last Wednesday we held a demolition event for our regeneration scheme at Fountains Close (situated in Hounslow) and I was privileged to see some of the last bricks fall on the first phase of building work. I’ve spoken in a previous blog about our flagship regeneration programme and the impact it’ll have on our customer’s lives and those living in the local areas.

Now that building work’s commenced it’s made this even more real to me.

At the event we were lucky enough to be joined by some of our customers still living at Fountains Close (they will be amongst the group able to move straight in to their new homes from their old ones!) I loved hearing their thoughts and excitement about the development and their aspirations for their new homes.

Christine told us she feels honoured to be watching her new home springing up in front of her and can’t wait to ‘crack open the bubbly’ on her new balcony when she moves in.  And Yvonne is looking forward to 'living in a safer environment in a nice new flat next door to lovely green space.'

I can see why they’re excited.

I’m confident that the regeneration will significantly transform Fountains Close and the surrounding area. We’ll also be working on dramatically improving the large green, used by all the community, with high quality landscaping and improved links to the nearby river.

There’ll be opportunities for new customers to benefit too as we’ll be almost doubling the amount of homes on offer here with them increasing from 48 to 99.

With a mix of affordable rent and shared ownership homes being built, the regeneration will crucially be providing more opportunities for local people to get their first step on the housing ladder. And being aimed at incomes of between £25K - £40K these will be accessible to more.   

As you’ll know from previous blogs, with efficiencies brought about from our digital only service offer, RHPi, we’ll be able to invest at least £250M into building more homes over the next eight years. We see regeneration programmes such as Fountains Close as an important way to complement our other developments – not only providing current customers with a better quality home but also crucially, increasing the amount of homes we can offer for others that need them.

My favourite part of the event on Wednesday was watching our customers point out where their new homes would be on the scale model we have of the redevelopment. Yvonne, who’s delighted with the position of her new flat overlooking the green, said: “It’ll be finished before we know it. 2018 is just around the corner!”

It’s true, with the first and biggest phase of build due for completion in June 2018, the area will be transformed before we know it.


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