Top tips for staying safe online

30th June 2016

At RHP the security of your data is extremely important to us and we have systems and processes in place to protect it. We’ll never ask you for your password or credit card information in any unsolicited phone calls or emails.

Using the internet to manage your home online, search for jobs, shop and chat to friends and family can bring huge opportunities and benefits, but you should take a few security measures to keep your personal information safe. The precautions are as simple as choosing strong passwords that are not easy to guess and making sure you install antivirus software on your device.

Golden rules

  • Make sure your device has up-to-date internet security software
  • Make sure that your device has the latest software and operating system updates installed
  • Don’t reveal personal information on social networking sites
  • Regularly backup data
  • Never reveal your password or PIN by email or over the phone
  • Make sure your wireless network is setup so it is secure
  • Be careful who you are selling to and buying from on auction sites
  • Choose strong passwords - change them regularly and don’t tell anybody what they are
  • Use a different password for every log-in account you have
  • When shopping, paying or banking online, always make sure the website is secure
  • Remember that all of your mobile devices are also targets for viruses and spyware

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