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Learning new things doesn’t just help you get better at your job: it also helps you get to where you want to go in the future.

We caught up with some of our employees about their career journeys so far.


“I joined RHP in January 2016 as an apprentice in Co-op Homes. I was placed on the maintenance team where I mainly helped deal with customer queries. I also did a small amount of finance work. When I finished my apprenticeship, I decided getting a job in Co-op Homes would be great for my progression within the workplace. I also really liked my team and the RHP environment, so I wasn’t quite ready to move on.

“I had to show my willingness to learn and work and show that I was a very happy and friendly person who could contribute to the team. I now feel really confident with things like writing letters and dealing with rents. I also learned how to deal with difficult customers. I learnt how to juggle many tasks at once and prioritise my work to get the best use of my time.

“If anyone’s thinking of applying for a new role, take the risk. It’s a great opportunity to develop your work skills and find out which path you’d like to take in the future. RHP and Co-op Homes offer many opportunities which can help you improve in your role, it would just be silly not to take the chance!”


“I started at RHP as a caretaker at Barnes. In July this year, the opportunity came up for a part-time senior caretaker role. I was a supervisor at my other job, so I already had a good idea of what it involved. It was a good opportunity to work my way up in the company, get some good learning experience, and give me confidence.

I sent my CV in and was invited for an interview. I was asked some questions about the job role. Then I was given a second interview where I had to do some role play. And now I have the opportunity to do the job!

I haven't started my new job role yet but I’m looking forward to it: putting training programmes into place, using computers, getting out and about meeting the caretakers on site and getting to know the office-based employees too. Doing this job will give me more confidence in myself and make me a stronger person.

If there’s something you want, you can work hard to get it. RHP is a great company to work for; there’s so much to learn. Whatever job you go for, have the confidence and strength to do it. There are people out here to turn to for help and guidance to get you there.”


“I joined RHP in November 2014 as a Finance Assistant. I’ve always wanted to progress, however after getting to the final stages of my ACCA exams, I knew I had more knowledge than I needed for my current role and was very eager to apply my new set of skills in a higher role to help Co-op Homes improve. I had to apply and write a statement of why I wanted the job (the same as everyone else). I had to attend the assessment centre where I competed against about seven others. We had Excel and management reporting tests, psychometric tests, group Exercises and one-on-one interviews.

“My new role’s given me experience of managing employees and helping the team achieve its goals and objectives. It’s increased my confidence of Board and SMT reporting, using my ACCA and Excel skills to improve the company’s accounting systems and improve the company’s performance. It’s also helped me with seeing the bigger picture and being able to understand how little things can have significant effects on the company as a whole.

“If anyone’s thinking of moving to a different role in the organisation, I’d say firstly, you don’t get favoured just because you are an internal candidate - you need to prepare even more than anyone else! However, being an RHP employee will mean you can easily research the job role and what it entails. I’d say make sure you have the right set of skills for the job and accept that you will have to learn a lot. Understand the role before applying to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for you.”


“I started at RHP back in 2013. My first role was within the repairs team as a repairs scheduler, which involved dealing with all of our customers repairs booking them and taking ownership until completion. I also raised IPOS orders for non-contractual repairs, liaising with different teams around the business and keeping them up to date with repairs.  

“I wanted to take the opportunities that RHP offered to further my career here and follow my ambition of becoming a surveyor/project manager. In order for me to be able to take on the role, I needed to obtain experience which my manager helped and allowed me the time and space to shadow other teams. This helped me see how projects operated and what was involved. I also knew I’d needed a surveying qualification. And with the help of RHP I was successful in enrolling into university where I’d worked hard to complete a HND in construction and completed it with 4 distinctions and 2 merits.  

“My new role has helped me gain practical experience in project management and see how the work I do can and lead to improved levels of customer satisfaction.  

“If you want to aspire to something or a new role then go for it: be the change you want to see.” 

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