Board update: May 2022

Published: 09/05/2022

Here's the latest update from Simon Devonshire, RHP's Chair of the Board:

"We recently held our end-of-year year Board meeting, where the Executive Group presented their plans for 2022-23, which included looking ahead to 2027. We'll launch this vision in the coming months and would love to hear your thoughts. The key areas of focus for RHP over the next year are:

  • to continue to stabilise the service post-pandemic, with a focus on doing the basics brilliantly
  • improve the energy and efficiency ratings of our current buildings
  • redesigning our services, data, and systems to enable us to keep improving your customer experience.

"We also welcomed three new non-executive Board Members, who bring a wealth of expertise, including sustainability, building design, and customer service at a major retailer.

"We are aware of how the changing external environment, with rising prices, is impacting our customers. We have received regular reports from the Executive Group about how RHP is supporting those who are finding it increasingly hard and have been assured by the measures in place. If your circumstances have changed, or you’re worried about paying your rent, please do get in touch

"One of the ways RHP is working to reduce costs for customers is with our programme to improve home insulation and energy efficiency. In the last year we have: 

  • Replaced roofs on four blocks of flats, including insulation. 
  • Delivered 115 pitched roofs, including loft insulation. 
  • Replaced windows in 25 homes
  • Installed cavity wall insulation in 49 homes. 

"We know there is lots more to do, so sustainability will be a key part of our strategy as we work towards being carbon net-zero. Our next meeting is in July, where we will review the end-of-year performance of RHP and see how the first quarter has gone."

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