Mould: request for information

Published: 21/08/2023

Keeping you and your home safe is our top priority. We can only do this if we have up to date information about the condition of your home.  

We have recently written to a group of customers who have previously reported issues with mould, to check if it’s still there, so we can review what action we may need to take.

We are doing this now during the warmer summer months so we can prioritise homes that still have mould before we enter the colder period of the year.  

If we’ve written to you, please get in touch by Monday 28 August 2023 in one of the following ways to let us know: 

Phone: 0800 032 2433 (weekdays between 8am – 5pm) 

Email: [email protected]  

If you tell us that you currently have mould inside your home, we’ll contact you to arrange for further investigations to take place. This could involve asking you to provide more information including what rooms are affected, the extent of the mould, photographs, or arranging for a surveyor to come and take a look. 

Please still get in touch even if you do not have any mould in your home at the moment, as we need to update our records.  

In the meantime, you can find more information on our website:


Thank you for your support in helping to keep you and your home safe.  

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