Does your home have mould or condensation?

Published: 12/11/2021
Tags: condensation , mould , damp

Most homes are affected by condensation at some point. 

Condensation is caused by water vapour or moisture coming into contact with a colder surface, like a window or wall, and soaking into wallpaper, paintwork or plasterwork. Over time, black mould grows in the affected areas.

Condensation mainly occurs during the colder months. It’s usually found in the corners of rooms, on north-facing walls and around windows. It's also found in areas with very little air circulation such as behind wardrobes and beds - especially if they're pushed up against external walls.

For advice on tackling mould and reduce moisture in your home, visit our help and advice section

You can also watch our video on how to prevent condensation here

If you’re worried that the damp or mould in your home is a bigger issue than any of the things mentioned in our article, please let us know straight away. You’ll be asked to provide more information and photographs and if we need to carry out further investigation, we’ll arrange for a surveyor to come and take a look.

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